"I absolutely love the idea of Women Imprint! A long-overdue homage to underrated women creatives throughout history. Learning additionally about the places female artists lived in and worked at gives insight into the significant impact their creative work had on society and within the arts. "Portrait Series" is also a wonderful tribute to contemporary women artists. Always presented from an informative as well as entertaining angle, the Women Imprint podcast is great fun and so worth listening. Brilliant! Thanks!"

Katharina B., Munich, Germany

"I love listening to the podcast. It's fun, entertaining, informative, and inspiring at the same time. The walking tours are a great idea, I'm hoping it'll become a book one day. I'm always interested in the history of places and seeing it through the eyes of these women gives me a new perspective. I love that it is for everyone, no matter which gender. It is very diverse and inclusive."

George H., New York

"I'm always looking forward to the next episode! Portrait Series is a great podcast series and Women Imprint such an important project. I have been following Women Imprint from the beginning and am happy to be a member. The representation of women in the public space is such a timely and important topic that I gladly support and I cannot wait for the first book to come out."

Verena M., Mannheim, Germany