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A few examples:

We are expanding our podcast with female creatives working today. Women Imprint archives these personal biographies that come to life through the creative's own voice. We began this series in 2020 and hope you are as inspired by the interviews as we are. Thanks to our members, we can keep downloads free and make these conversations available to everyone in the community.

Moreover, illustrations play a crucial role in our "walking women's history tours": they let our vision come to life. The creation of maps and mapping women's history is an essential aspect of our project, and our talented, creative illustrators deserve compensation for their work.

We are here to let everyone know: our public spaces are an unfair, unequal, and inappropriate representation of a political narrative that needs to change. Newsletters, emails, social media posts, petitions, and more are daily tasks that cost time and money. But we know it is worth it: Because with persistence, we can get things done.

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." Alice Walker

Which monuments and statues are present in the village, town, or city where you live? What are their purpose, perspective, and impact? How can women's historical contributions be adapted or reinterpreted as integral to a community's history through the city's monuments, memorials, and statues? 

Join us today and tell us which woman you would like to see memorialized in your community. The more we are, the more significant the impact.

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We also share a Google Earth Map with our members to map women they would like to see memorialized. We keep a list of our members' ideas and include them in our fight for a just and appropriate public space.

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